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Learning Advantech LoRa Sensing Technology for Intelligent Building Management Systems

Case Studies By Advantech IIoI iConnectivity | 1/22/2018
Advantech offers a LoRa solution that is both technically feasible and affordable. To demonstrate this, we are constructing intelligent buildings at our Kunshan R&D Center in China as well as at the Linkou HQ in Taiwan. The objective of this project is to epitomize Advantech’s visi...

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  • Building a Wireless Remote Monitoring an...

    Case Studies Advantech IIoI iConnectivity | 1/22/2018
    Management at the company’s compressor manufacturing plant sought to implement a remote monitoring system to accommodate rapid growth in business scale and the number of machines/sensors at the plant.
  • Reducing the Electricity Consumption of ...

    Case Studies Advantech IIoI iConnectivity | 1/22/2018
    With the features of integration, flexibility, and connectivity, Advantech Fieldbus gateways and WebAccess/NMS and WebAccess/SCADA bring seamless conversion between individual industrial protocols and...
  • 研華WebAccess, 工業物聯網應用軟體平台

    Video 12/19/2017
    研華WebAccess, 工業物聯網應用軟體平台
  • Redundancy Enhanced Modbus ID White Pape...

    WhitePaper 12/13/2017
    Minimize Downtime for Modbus Applications
  • 汙水處理廠自動監控解決方案-研華WebAccess

    Video 7/5/2017
  • Augmented Reality to Measure Water Level...

    Industry Focus Advantech | 4/18/2016
    A few years ago, the latest buzz word was “Augmented Reality”. The plan was that we would all be using our cellphones to display more information about the world around us by pointing our...
  • Hydration Contamination Detection

    Industry Focus Advantech | 12/14/2015
    In our nice cozy lives in the developed world, the chances of drinking contaminated water are slim, and even if we do drink some that’s stale, the worst we’ll get is a bit sick. But indust...
  • Watch Your Water

    Industry Focus Advantech | 11/16/2015
    Water is a finite resource and we’re constantly being told to conserve as much as possible. The doomsday scenarios of droughts and water shortages have been embedded into our collective consciou...
  • 研華WebAccess 8.1 線上研討會

    Video Advantech | 11/9/2015
  • Water Pyramids

    Industry Focus Advantech | 9/7/2015
    In the past we’ve discussed the use of mesh nets to collect dew and send it to water storage containers below. These are particularly useful in areas that have high humidity but low rainfall. Bu...
  • New Balls Please

    Industry Focus Advantech | 8/21/2015
    A few weeks ago the Internet was buzzing about a Californian reservoir’s use of ‘shade balls’ to prevent the evaporation of its precious water in the midst of one of the worst drough...
  • 研華WebAccess+物聯應用聯盟

    Video Advantech | 6/16/2015
  • Powerful DIN-rail PCs with PC/104: UNO-1100

    UNO-1100 系列 DIN 導軌電腦是一款高效能的嵌入式自動化電腦,適用於任何環境管理。 它具備支援最高 60° C 寬溫運作的 x86 架構處理器,適用於 SCADA RTU、倉儲及環境監控系統。 UNO-1140/F 與 UNO-1150G/GE 屬於 DIN 導軌電腦,具有數種序列通訊埠與乙太網路介面,...
  • High Performance Automation Computers with PC/104: UNO-2100

    高效能自動化電腦 UNO-2100 系列是配備 PC-104 插槽的壁掛式工業級電腦。 壁掛式工業級電腦標榜廣大的運算效能 (Celeron M 1GHz 至 Core 2 Duo 1.5GHz) 及具有自動流量控制的連接埠,PC 104 插槽讓使用者能夠加裝任何第三方 I/O 模組,以因應廣泛應用的需求。 每個 UNO-2100 ...
  • RS-485 I/O Modules: ADAM-4000

    ADAM-4000 模組是建置符合成本效益之遠端 I/O 系統的最佳選擇。 簡易接線的優勢,可讓客戶從 ADAM-4000 模組獲益,只要兩條連接線即可與所屬控制器或其他 RS-485 模組裝置通訊。 ADAM-4000 模組採用 EIA RS-485 通訊協定;此一業界最廣泛使用的雙向、平衡型傳輸線路,適合工業環境使用。
  • Ethernet I/O Modules: ADAM-6000

    研華 G495的 ADAM-6000 透過最新網際網路技術輕鬆達成整合作業,因此能夠更有彈性地從遠端監控裝置狀態。 研華 的 ADAM-6000 模組具有點對點 (P2P) 與圖形化邏輯控制 (GCL) 的支援,可以當成獨立的產品,執行測量、控制與自動化。 憑藉 研華 的 P2P 與 GCL 技術, 加上容易使用且直覺式的圖形工具程式,...
  • Industrial Ethernet Solutions

    研華的工業級乙太網路解決方案提供乙太網路交換器與乙太網路轉換器,從高速到 Gigabit 連接埠交換器、從銅纜到光纖,以及乙太網路供電系統。 研華 的管理型乙太網路交換器整合 X-Ring 環網技術,給您最快的備援環狀網路復原時間 (<20ms)。 此外,耐用設計、寬溫、DIN 導軌及 +12~48 VDC 的備援電源輸入,...
  • Industrial Wireless

    研華的工業級無線解決方案涵蓋經濟實惠的入門級 AP/Client,以及高階的多功能 AP/工作站。 為滿足需求並兼顧所有類型的應用,我們設計這些 AP/Client 工業級無線產品並提供不同的頻率配置,從固定式的 2.4GHz 與 5GHz、到可選擇的 2.4 或 5 GHz。 針對 AP/工作站系列,我們也在單一裝置中提供最多 2 至 ...
  • Serial Device Servers

    研華的串列設備伺服器、可程式裝置伺服器及 Modbus 閘道容易安裝及設定,支援有線與無線網路,並提供滿足嚴苛工業自動化需求的各種作業模式。 EKI-1000 序列裝置伺服器讓 RS-232/422/485 序列裝置得以雙重連接至乙太網路交換器,藉此發揮無與倫比的可靠度。 產品線涵蓋有線與無線 (WLAN、GPRS、3G) ...
  • WebAccess HMI/SCADA software

    Advantech WebAccess is a web browser-based software package for human-machine interfaces (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). All the features ...